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Where Luxury & Real Estate meet, Bilal is all about helping his clients achieve Life Style by Design here at Malfer & Associates, Compass Realty Group. With almost a decade as a licensed Realtor, 15 years as a Real Estate Investor, and 5 years as a national public speaker, he has had the pleasure of being a part of millions of dollars worth of transactions and has been regularly invited to speak at conferences and events all around the country about his successes, speaking to thousands of attendees helping them to design a blueprint to help them reach their financial goals.

From an early age, Bilal always wanted to help others and make an impact on lives. After graduating from Missouri Western State University with a Bachelor of Science degree, Bilal served his community for many years as a Firefighter with the city of Kansas City, Missouri.

As a Firefighter, Bilal enjoyed helping people and giving back to his community. Unfortunately, his career was cut short by injury. He quickly realized he had to shift his mindset from doing physical labor and started studying how some of the most successful people invested their money. He started increasing his real estate and financial education. He figured out the more he began to grow and improve himself through financial education, he could make a greater impact on his family, his community and help more people than ever before.

Bilal is Mr. GQ Real Estate! He is known for his fashion, style, charming smile and his win-win negotiating skills leaving all parties involved feeling great! Being a Realtor and helping other people achieve financial freedom through the power of real estate has definitely been a passion of Bilal's! His goal is to give as many people the opportunity to achieve their goals through financial education from the power of real estate ownership and investing. When Bilal is not providing amazing customer service to his clients, you can find him spending time with his two beautiful kids and his beloved Fiancé and traveling to his next awesome destination.

The malfer way

Our number one goal is to provide the most amazing and effective customer service to our clients. With an eye for design, a feel for the city and genuine Midwestern hospitality, I’m here to help you sell your home and find your new home. If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to sell your home faster and for a higher price I’m your guy!

“It was a blessing to find Bilal, we were able to sell our home quickly and for a fair price…it worked out very well for us and we really appreciate it!”
Dan A. (Homeowner)
“I really enjoyed working with Bilal, he helped me market a home that I wanted to sell…I had so many phone calls it was unbelievable…I could’ve sold that house 10 times over. Bilal is very honest, ethical, and keeps his word.”
Deb Felderhoff
“We had a property for lease to own, we turned it over to Bilal and we had over 100 calls! I recommend doing business with Bilal any chance you get, he’s professional…and he sent me quality clients!”
David Justice (Real Estate Investor)
"Bilal was very knowledgeable and professional in handling our transaction. Home sold in 2 weeks, we did no repairs, there were no hassles…Way to Go!”
Ekhard Preuss (State Farm Agent)
“I am settling into my new home and I want to express my deepest appreciation to you Bilal for your assistance in the sale of my previous residence…”
Judy Teal (Homeowner)

Real estate asset management

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